Template:SG1-7 Season seven of Stargate SG-1 began airing on June 7, 2003 on the US-American Sci-Fi Channel. The seventh season concluded after 22 episodes on March 9, 2004 on British Sky One, which overtook the Sci-Fi Channel in mid-season. It was intended on being SG-1's final season, where Stargate: Atlantis would continue on.


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Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
150px "Fallen (Part 2 of 3)" 701 June 13, 2003 Earth, Vis Uban Goa'uld, Jaffa, Langaran, Tok'ra Anubis
Jonas Quinn's search for the "Lost City" leads SG-1 to Vis Uban, where they find Dr. Daniel Jackson, who seemed to have de-ascended, and has no memories of his past life whatsoever. Meanwhile, Anubis is now using his superweapon to thwart his enemies, and is also made aware of Vis Uban. Quinn and Jackson must sneak onboard his mothership to disable the weapon, while Major Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill use their F-302 to penetrate it's shield.
150px "Homecoming (Part 3 of 3)" 702 June 13, 2003 Earth, Langara Nomads of Vis Uban, Goa'uld, Jaffa, Langaran Anubis, Hale
Jonas Quinn is captured by Anubis, where he learns of the location of Langara, and the Naquadria so he can use the element to rebuild his superweapon. While Anubis holds the planet prisoner, Teal'c is having a hard time convincing Yu's forces to attack Anubis, so he has his First Prime, Oshu convince Ba'al to join in.
150px "Fragile Balance" 703 June 20, 2003 Earth Asgard Loki
A teenager claiming to be Colonel Jack O'Neill arrives in Stargate Command. Believing him to be an imposter, the teen manages to recite every key event from fellow team members. After believing it to be O'Neill, they find out he's a botched clone. They investigate what has happened to the real O'Neill.
150px "Orpheus" 704 June 27, 2003 Earth, Erebus Jaffa Erebus Commander
Teal'c is shot on a mission and is determined to make his recovery as quick as possible, since Rya'c and Bra'tac have been captured and work as slaves on Erebus. Dr. Daniel Jackson starts to remember a few events from his time while he ascended, and uses them to aid several SG teams to infiltrate the labor camp and rescue the imprisoned Jaffa.
150px "Revisions" 705 July 11, 2003 Earth, P3X-289 People of P3X-289 Link
SG-1 finds a civilization living in a Dome on an unlivable planet. The seemingly peaceful civilization use geothermal energy to maintain the dome. However, mysteriously, several people start disappearing, and the dome is slowly shrinking.
150px "Lifeboat" 706 July 18, 2003 Earth, P2A-347 Talthun N/A
While examining a crashed alien ship called the Stromos, Dr. Daniel Jackson is struck with a power surge. After returning to Stargate Command, it is discovered that several consciousnesses from the people trapped in stasis are in Jackson's head.
150px "Enemy Mine" 707 July 25, 2003 Earth, P3X-403 Unas Unas
SG-11 is attempting to mine Naquadah on P3X-403 and have alerted a number of native Unas, after they provoked their sacred ground. The only hope for a truce is for Dr. Daniel Jackson to bring Chaka to 403. However, the Tau'ri military do not wish an alliance.
150px "Space Race" 708 August 1, 2003 Earth, Hebridan Hebridian, Serrakin Del Tynan
Warrick Finn from Hebridan comes to Earth and asks Major Samantha Carter for assistance to win an annual Hebridian race in exchange for advanced technology.
150px "Avenger 2.0" 709 August 8, 2003 Earth, P3L-997, P4F-221, P5S-117 Jaffa Ba'al
After his job is threatened, Dr. Jay Felger desperately plans on Avenger, a computer virus that could render a Dial Home Device useless to keep his position in Stargate Command. However, the plan goes awry, as soon, every Stargate in the Milky Way is affected, caused by the virus, which puts the entire galaxy into a stand still.
150px "Birthright" 710 August 15, 2003 Earth, Hak'tyl Hak'tyl Resistance N/A
SG-1 encounter the Hak'tyl Resistance, a group of rebel Jaffa females who renounced their "god" Moloc as a false one, after realizing he had ordered all young females to be put to death. SG-1 propose that they no longer need to rely on symbiotes, since they are running low on them, and offers them a substitute, Tretonin. Meanwhile, Teal'c gets closer to the Hak'tyl leader, Ishta.
150px "Evolution (Part 1 of 2)" 711 August 22, 2003 Earth, Ramius' homeworld Goa'uld, Jaffa, Kull, Tok'ra Anubis, Kull
Anubis has created an army of invulnerable killing machines called Kull warriors to do his work and wipe out the rival Goa'uld. They have armor that impervious to all known weapons. The only way to stop them is for Dr. Daniel Jackson to go to a hidden temple in Honduras that is the origin of the "fountain of youth" myth.
150px "Evolution (Part 2 of 2)" 712 January 9, 2004 Earth, Tartarus Goa'uld, Jaffa, Kull, Tok'ra Anubis, Kull, Raphael
Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. Bill Lee are captured by Honduran rebels after getting their hands on a device that could stop the Kull warriors. As Colonel Jack O'Neill launches a secret mission with an old acquaintance to retrieve the two, the rest of the team uncover more information on the warriors by infiltrating Tartarus, the planet on which they are created.
150px "Grace" 713 January 16, 2004 Earth Interstellar cloud, Unknown Unknown
While on a routine journey to Earth, the Prometheus makes first contact with an unfriendly ship, and is attacked. Whilst retreating to a Interstellar cloud, Major Samantha Carter is knocked unconscious. She awakens only to find the ship completely abandoned in the Interstellar cloud, but has several hallucinations of the rest of team, and a little girl named Grace.
150px "Fallout" 714 January 23, 2004 Earth, Langara Langaran Kianna Cyr's Goa'uld
Jonas Quinn arrives back to Earth for help, due to the mining of the Naquadria, Langara experiences several violent tremors, and will face an earthquake that will destroy Kelowna.
150px "Chimera" 715 January 30, 2004 Earth Goa'uld Osiris
Dr. Daniel Jackson is plagued with several dreams involving his past, but this time is pushed by Sarah Gardner to reveal the location of the Lost City. However, little does he know, Osiris visits him in his sleep every night until he can find out the city's location. Meanwhile, Major Samantha Carter is seeing someone, a Denver cop named Pete Shanahan.
150px "Death Knell" 716 February 6, 2004 Alpha Site (Second), Earth Jaffa, Tok'ra, Kull Kull
The Kull warriors have infiltrated the alpha Site, where work on a weapon to stop them is taking place. The base is destroyed, but Major Samantha Carter is missing, on the run, trying to hide from a warrior. Meanwhile, the Tok'ra-Tau'ri-Jaffa alliance is once again challenged.
150px "Heroes (Part 1 of 2)" 717 February 13, 2004 Earth, P3X-666 N/A N/A
Towards the end of his term, the President of the United States sends a film crew to document the life of SGC personnel in case the public gets news of the Stargate Program's existence.
150px "Heroes (Part 2 of 2)" 718 February 20, 2004 Earth, P3X-666 Jaffa Jaffa
During a firefight between SG teams and Jaffa patrols on P3X-666, one major team member is killed in action, but the filming crew has no idea who.
150px "Resurrection" 719 February 27, 2004 Earth Goa'uld Anna/Sekhmet, Keffler
SG-1 minus Colonel Jack O'Neill are in Los Angeles where the NID discover a rogue experiment. Also, a Goa'uld explosive device is activated, and they have only hours to deactivate it, or the entire city will be destroyed.
150px "Inauguration" 720 March 5, 2004 Earth N/A N/A
Henry Hayes has been inaugurated as President of the United States. There, Robert Kinsey, turned Vice President once again plans on stopping the Stargate Program, and enlists the help of Agent Richard Woolsey, who discovers Kinsey's true intentions.
150px "Lost City (Part 1 of 2)" 721 March 12, 2004 Chulak, Earth, P3X-439 Goa'uld, Kull Anubis
Dr. Daniel Jackson discovers a clue to find the Lost City on P3X-439. There, they discover another Repository of knowledge, and in order to prevent Anubis to get his hands on it, Colonel Jack O'Neill puts his head in the device again, and destroys it. Meanwhile, Major General George S. Hammond has been relieved of his command, where he is to be replaced by Dr. Elizabeth Weir, who isn't as willing to help SG-1 as Hammond.
150px "Lost City (Part 2 of 2)" 722 March 19, 2004 Chulak, Earth, Proclarush Chulakian, Goa'uld, Kull Anubis
Anubis is sending his entire fleet to Earth to gather the whereabouts of the Lost City. Meanwhile, Colonel Jack O'Neill, who is starting to get affected by the Ancient knowledge, leads SG-1 to Proclarush, which is believed to be the location of the Lost City, only to find that they have to return to Earth, which is the location of the city, Atlantis.





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